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NOTICE: Board Continuing Education Temporary Waiver Decision

The Board met on December 10, 2020 to address the temporary waiver of continuing education requirements, which expires March 19, 2021. The Board unanimously voted not to extend the waiver. Licensees with renewal dates past March 19, 2021 will have the normal continuing education requirements.

Original Notice:
Effective March 20, 2020, and in response to an ongoing National Health Emergency, all existing listed qualified individuals received a one-time waiver of their continuing education requirements to be effectuated by each listed qualified individual receiving credit for their required number of annual hours for their classification.

NOTICE: Synchronous Virtual Learning Continuing Education Classes

UPDATE 02/25/2021:
At the 3rd Quarter Board Meeting held February 25, 2021, the Board voted to extend the period in which Synchronous Virtual CE classes will be allowed. All Synchronous Virtual Learning CE courses will now be available through June 30, 2022.

** CE Providers who wish to provide synchronous virtual learning on this temporary basis must obtain approval by the Board’s staff before the earlier of March 31, 2021 or any decision by the Governor to rescind Executive Order 116 (Covid-19 Order).** CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Attendees wishing to take a Synchronous Virtual Learning course for classroom CE hours can find available classes using our “Find a CE Course” link on the homepage or by clicking here!

Click the white “Find CE Course” icon on the homepage.
Click the check box next to “Class Room CE” to find CE courses that will give you classroom CE credit hours.

The Board has approved the use of online courses that will give attendees classroom CE hours! Synchronous virtual learning has been approved as “classroom continuing education” by the Board on a temporary basis for classes provided until June 30, 2021 (now June 30, 2022; amended 02/25/21). The Board made the decision based upon the regulatory flexibility provided by Session Law 2020-97.

Every listed qualified individual, including listed qualified individuals pursuant to G.S. 87-50, shall complete continuing education for each annual license period to renew the license on which the qualified individual is currently listed, for the next annual license period.

Effective for renewals on or after July 1, 2008, all persons seeking to renew qualification must demonstrate that a minimum of one-half the continuing education hours for each annual license period were obtained by in-person classroom or seminar attendance.  All active credits posted prior to July 1st have been recorded as classroom credits

CE Credit Search

If you are currently listed on an active license, you may view your continuing education credits.  Click the button to open the CE Credits Search and view your credit hours.

CE Course Search

Contractors can search for CE courses using our list of approved course sponsors and instructors. Click the button below to open the online listing and search for courses by date range or by sponsor.

CE Requirements by License Classification:

8 hours of continuing education is required annually for renewal of the following licenses: Unlimited, Intermediate, Limited, and SP-SFD.

The 8 hours of continuing education can be completed as all classroom credit or 4 hours of classroom credit with 4 hours of online credit. 

4 hours of continuing education is required annually for renewal of the following licenses: SP.FA/LV., SP.PH., SP.ES., SP.EL., SP.SP.,  and SP.WP.

The 4 hours of continuing education can be completed as all classroom credit or 2 hours of classroom credit with 2 hours of online credit. 

Contact Hours

Approved courses must be offered for no fewer than the minimum number of contact hours required for the license classification pursuant to .1101(b). Credit shall be granted to the qualified individual only upon completion of an entire course.

When a qualified individual has completed more than the required number of hours of continuing education in any one license period, the extra hours may be carried forward in multiples as specified in .1104(a) and treated as hours earned in the following one or two additional license periods. No credit will be granted for courses attended prior to being qualified by examination.

Become a Course Sponsor or Instructor

Interested parties must submit applications to the Board by March 1 of the year prior to the license period (July 1 – June 30) in which the course will be offered. Please refer to 21 NCAC 18B .1102 and .1103 for specific requirements. Click the button below to download an application.

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Continuing Education & Examinations Manager
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Administrative Assistant
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