Any person may prefer charges against any applicant, non-licensee, licensee, or qualified individual. Such charges must be submitted in writing to the Board, setting out the particulars of the charges, including the nature, date and place of the alleged violation.

  • Click here to file a  Complaint.
  • NOTE: It is unlawful for an unlicensed person, partnership, firm or corporation to engage or offer to engage in the business of electrical contracting. You may also use the Complaint Report Form to complain of such activities.
  • To determine if an individual or business entity is currently licensed by the STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, click on “Licensees“.
  • To help determine if certain conduct is prohibited, check the specific statute [G.S.87-47(a1) and G.S.87-48] and rule Section .0900.

For further information, please contact the STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS.

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