Frequently Asked Questions


How often do I need to renew my license?

Annually by the expiration date listed on your license.


How soon can I renew my license?

The renewal period begins 60-days prior to your expiration date listed on your license.


Will I be notified when I need to renew?

You will be notified to renew via mail or email. You will ONLY receive a mailed renewal form if there is no email listed on your license account. For all accounts with an email address, a renewal will be emailed unless otherwise requested.


How do I renew?

You may request to be mailed a renewal form to complete and mail back OR you can renew online.

To renew online you will need your User ID and Password. You can find your login information on your renewal form or it will be listed in your emailed renewal notification.

  1. Visit and click on the “Renew/Update License” icon on the home page (white icon in the orange bar toward top of homepage).
  2. Login using your user ID and password.
  3. Click the blue “View” link next to your license number.
  4. Click the blue “Renew Now” link to start the renewal process.


How do I print my certificate when I renew online?

When renewing online you are responsible for printing your own license certificate; WE WILL NOT MAIL YOU ONE. The Board will only mail you a certificate if you send in a renewal application via mail or fax.

When renewing online, once you submit payment, a link will appear for you to print a copy of your new license certificate.

To print your license certificate any other time, you will login to your license account and click the “Print Certificate” link on the license profile.


How do I renew an expired license?

Follow the above steps for renewing your license. An additional $25.00 late fee will be added to all late renewals. Renewals are considered late when they are received after your license expiration date.


How can I get an exam application?

Examination Information Handbooks can be downloaded from our website. You can find the Handbook download and other exam information by visiting our Examinations page. Booklets can also requested by calling our office at (919-733-9042).

You can also find Exam applications and related documents on our Forms & Documents page.


I can’t make it to my exam. Can I get my money back or reschedule?

Examination fee(s) for the current examination do not carry over to the next examination. If applicant is unable to attend, exam fees will be forfeited.

If you need to reschedule your examination, you’ll need to contact PSI directly with your candidate ID information.


I’ve taken the test before; do I need to complete the application packet again?

If applying for the same classification previously taken, only the main page of the exam application is necessary.

If testing for a different classification, additional information may be required. Visit the Examinations page for more information.


How can I prepare for my exam?

All examinations are based on the current National Electrical Code and other references. A reference list is available in the Exam Information Handbook. WE ENCOURAGE ALL APPLICANTS TO READ THE EXAM INFORMATION HANDBOOK.

You can download the Handbook by visiting the Examinations page. We have also created an Exam Prep Checklist, also available to download at the top of the Examinations page.


How much does the exam cost?

Each examination offered by this Board costs $125.00 each. The exam fee is non-refundable.


When can I take the exam?

Testing is computer based and offered throughout the year through PSI. You will register online and chooose your own test date and location.

Your examination approval letter will list your “Authorization Period” which is the three month window you have to schedule and take your examination in.

The approval letter will also list your exam/candidate ID number which you’ll use to create your account with PSI. Your PSI account is where you’ll schedule your test date and location.

If you fail an examination, you will not be eligible to take another examination in the same classification until three months after the date of the failed examination.


Where do I have to take the exam?

All examinations are computer-based and administered by PSI Services LLC. Testing centers are located in Asheville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington and Winston Salem. Some out-of-state locations are also available.

When registering for your examination with PSI online, you will be able to select your desired testing location and date.


When can I apply for the exam?

Applicants may apply anytime throughout the year. Once an applicant receives authorization from the Board, the applicant will then be able to set up a testing date and location with PSI Services.



How can I qualify to take the exam?

Experience requirements to sit for the exam vary by classification. Requirements are listed in Section .0200 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations and are printed in the back of the Exam Information Handbook and online. Visit the Examinations page for more information.


How long will it take to get my approval to take an exam?

The Board receives numerous applications daily. Please allow 5-10 business days for approval notification. Your approval letter will be emailed or mailed to the address(es) provided on the exam application.


How can I change my exam date or reschedule?

To change or cancel your exam reservation, you must notify PSI  before your scheduled examination.

You must contact PSI at least 4-days before your scheduled exam date to reschedule without losing your exam fee.


Once I get approved, how long do I have to take my exam?

All exam candidates have an authorization period of three months (90-days). The authorization period begins on the day of approval by the Board. The “Authorization Period” can be found on your examination approval letter.


How do I submit my electrical experience to qualify for the exam?

The Board has “Employer Statement Forms” which should be used to verify your electrical experience.

You’ll list your hands-on electrical experience on the Employer Statement Form which can be found within the Exam Information Handbook, on the Examinations page, or on our Forms & Documents page.

Call the Board’s office and staff can evaluate your specific documentation needs.



How can I find out what CE courses are available?

A list of approved continuing education courses can be viewed online. Click here to find upcoming courses.



How can I find out how much CE credit I have?

With your license number, company name or qualified individuals name you can view continuing education credits. Click to view Credits.



How many CE credits do I need to renew my license?

Listed qualified individuals in the Unlimited, Intermediate, Limited & SP-SFD classifications are required to complete 8 hours per year. Listed qualified individuals in the special restricted classifications are required to complete 4 hours per year.  Half of hours must be classroom.



How can I become a Continuing Education Sponsor / Instructor?

To become a new sponsor/instructor you must submit an application for continuing education course sponsor approval to the Board on a form provided by the Board by March 1 prior to the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) in which the course will be offered. The application shall meet the requirements of Boards Continuing Education Rules .1100. After review by Staff, application will be submitted to the Boards Continuing Education Committee for approval at the next scheduled Committee meeting.

Visit our Forms & Documents page for the CE Sponsor/Instructor Application.




I need help with the CE Credit Search and Results page!

You can search for your Qualifier account using any of the boxes on the CE Credit Search page; remember, when searching, less is more.

After clicking search, you’ll see your search results listed under the “Search” button. Select the appropriate account by clicking the name listed in blue under “Qualifier”.  The CE Credit Details page will appear.

The license number and company associated with the selected qualifier will appear in bold at the top of the CE details. This is followed by the current “License Status” and the license “Expiration Date”.

“Has CE Hours Needed for Renewal”: “True” means you have enough CE hours on file to renew your license. “False” means that more CE hours are required before you can renew the license.

“CE Hours Available / Required”: The first number is the current number of CE hours you have on file. The second number is the CE hours required to renew your license each year. For example, 12/8 would mean there are 12 CE hours available on the account and 8 hours are required to renew the license.


How can I upgrade my license?

If you’re already qualified (meaning you have passed the exam) in a higher classification, you can complete a License Upgrade Application. The Upgrade application can be found on our Forms & Documents page.


How can I change the company name on my license?

You should verify that your chosen name is available. Names can be checked using the License Search or by calling our offices at (919) 733-9042.

You should also check name availability with the NC Secretary of State. Check here

Once you’ve verified name availability, you will need to complete a Reissuance of License/Name Change Application. You can find the application on our Forms & Documents page.



How can I reactivate a license that has been expired longer than a year?

Licenses expired for more than 12-months may be reactivated by filing a Reactivation Application along with verification of 500-hours primary experience as defined in rule .0202. Primary experience must be within the most recent twelve months. You must also pay the current fee requirements set forth in 21 NCAC 18B .0404, pay the late fee set forth in 21 NCAC 18B .0405, and meet the continuing education requirements as set forth in 21 NCAC 18B .1101.

You can find the Reactivation Application on our Forms & Documents page.



Do all persons in a firm have to hold a license?

No. Each place of business of a licensed firm must have at least one listed qualified individual regularly on active duty to supervise and direct all electrical work performed by the bona-fide employees of the licensed firm.



Can I hold more than one type of electrical license?

No listed qualified individual shall be indicated on more than one license certificate at the same time, except where a place of business has one listed qualified individual with licenses issued in different classifications such as SP-PH and SP-WP.




Requirements concerning federal projects:

Where certain land has been coded to the Federal Government under NCGS 104-7 and a Federal project is to be constructed on such land, state licensing regulations would not be applicable to a contractor bidding or hired to work on the project. This would mean that an electrical contractor not licensed in North Carolina could perform work on a Federal project located on federally-owned land within North Carolina without having to first obtain a North Carolina license. Generally, such a Federal construction project would take place on land ceded by the State to the Federal Government for military installations such as Fort Bragg, Pope Air Force Base, Camp Lejeune, New River Marine Corps Air Station, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point, or the US Coast Guard Air Station at Elizabeth City. The situation would be different if the land were only leased by the Federal Government, but still owned by the state or others. In such a case, North Carolina licensing regulations would continue to be applicable and any contractor bidding or performing electrical work on such project would have to conform with the state’s licensing requirements.






If the license holder leaves the company, can the company complete any outstanding projects/permits?

Upon loss of the listed qualified individual (resignation, termination, or death), a (former) licensee may continue electrical work where all of the following conditions are met:

(A) There is a substantiated Electrical Contract for the particular structure and specific location prior to the removal of a Qualified Individual from an Electrical Contracting License.

(B) There is an electrical permit issued for the particular structure and specific location prior to the removal of a Qualified Individual from an Electrical Contractor’s License.

(C) Electrical work has begun at the specific location prior to the removal of a Qualified Individua from an Electrical Contractor’s License.

(D) Board staff and the local electrical inspector investigate and confirm that Electrical Journeymen on the site possess the skills and knowledge to continue the electrical project and (in case of several projects) management moves expeditiously to replace the qualifier.

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