All exam applicants should download and read through the Examination Information Handbook (above); this is HIGHLY encouraged. The Handbook contains a great deal of valuable information to help you prepare for and take your exam.


How To Apply For Examination


2.  Choose which license classification you want to take the exam for. Visit the Licensing page for classification information (www.ncbeec.org/licensing).

3.  Complete the Application for Examination packet (found in the Examination Information Handbook and on our Forms & Documents page).

4.  Send us your completed application with the $125.00 examination fee and other documents as detailed in the exam application packet.

5.  Check your email and mail for your notice of approval letter from NCBEEC or your returned exam application with items to be corrected.

6.   Once you receive your notice of approval from NCBEEC, check your email for an eligibility email from PSI. The PSI email will have all of the information needed to schedule your exam online with PSI.


What To Study

NC Electrical Contractors Licensing Law: General Statutes 87-4 and Title 21, Chapter 18b
(found in Exam Information Handbook)

National Electrical Code (NEC): 2020 Edition (available at www.nfpa.org)

National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72): 2013 Edition (available at www.nfpa.org)

NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management: North Carolina Electrical Edition
(available at www.nascla.org)

How To Schedule Your Exam

You must apply for the exam and get approval from the Board before you can schedule an exam.

Upon exam application approval, you will receive a Notice of Approval letter from the Board. We will email AND mail your approval letter to you.

Your Notice of Approval will list:

  • The exam classification you have been approved to take.
  • Your authorization period
    • The 90-day window you have to schedule AND take your examination within.

You will receive an eligibility email from PSI within 24-48 hours of your approval notice from NCBEEC. 

You must wait until you receive your eligibility email from PSI before booking your exam through your PSI account.

Booking Your Exam:

  1. Visit https://test-takers.psiexams.com/ncbeec.
  2. Click “View Available Tests” button.
  3. Select your Exam Classification from the list.
  4. Click “Login/Register” button.
  5. Follow prompts to either log-in or create a new account with PSI.
  6. Your PSI “Test Taker ID” provided in the PSI eligibility email will be required to book your exam.

If you do not receive your eligibility email from PSI within three (3) business days of your NCBEEC approval notice, contact NCBEEC at (919) 733-9042 or at office@ncbeec.org.

When scheduling your exam, you will choose your own test date and PSI testing location where you’d like to take your exam. Visit https://test-takers.psiexams.com/ncbeec to find a PSI exam center near you and view available test dates.


What To Expect At Your Exam

All exams are computer based. You will receive your examination score the same day.

Bring 2 forms of ID to the Exam Center; 1 must be a VALID non-expired government issued ID with a photograph (ex: valid drivers license).

Bring your books. Calculators and all other necessities will be provided at the site.

The exam is “open book”; you’re allowed to refer to any part of your NEC and the NFPA books during your exam.

Exam Score Results

A minimum grade of 70 is required to pass the exam.

You will receive your score immediately after finishing your exam at PSI.

Your exam score will be on file with the Board on the following business day.

Now you need to apply for a license! Visit the Licensing page for more.


If you fail the exam, you will not be eligible to take the same classication of exam again until 3-months after the date of the failed exam. Examinees must wait 90-days before they will be allowed to take the same examination again.

You can reapply to take an exam in an alternate classification immediately after an unsuccessful attempt only if you meet the experience requirements for the classification.

To reapply complete the Application for Examination again and resubmit to the Board with your exam fee.

Examination Review

The Exam Review fee is $25.00.

Examinees can review their failed examination one time. Reviews offer the examinee a chance to view their wrong answers and receive clarification/help with any questions. Exam reviews are held as group sessions monthly at the Board’s office. Review sessions are approximately 4-hours long.

To register for a review, complete the Exam Review form on our Forms and Documents page.


Limited, Intermediate & Unlimited Exams

  • 100 multiple-choice questions
  • 6-hours to complete exam



Fire Alarm/Low Voltage Exams

  • 50 multiple-choice questions
  • 3-hours to complete exam

Special Restricted Exams

Single Family Detached (SP-SFD), Plumbing Heating (SP-PH), Electric Sign (SP-ES), Elevator (SP-EL), Groundwater Pump (SP-WP)

  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • 3-hours to complete exam

Swimming Pool Exams

  • 25 multiple-choice questions
  • 1-hour to complete exam

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