Synchronous Virtual Learning Courses

Board Continuing Education Decision

The Board approved Synchronous Virtual Learning beginning on October 1, 2020, on a temporary basis for classes provided through June 30, 2021, under the regulatory flexibility provided by Session Law “2020-97”.

Providers have to apply before the Governor rescinds his Executive COVID Virus Order or March 31, 2021, which ever one is first. The Board instructed staff to edit the guidelines as well as draft survey questions to be mandatory at the end of the synchronous virtual learning classrooms. 

CE Sponsors can apply to host Synchronous Virtual Learning courses by logging into their existing Sponsor account with the Board and applying as they nomally would. New CE providers who wish to apply can do so by completing the CE Sponsor/Instructor Approval Application available on the Forms & Documents page.

Note: Sponsors MUST apply before March 31, 2021.

Synchronous Course Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Synchronous virtual learning classes shall not exceed 25 attendees. Classes with 13 – 25 attendees will require an additional proctor to observe the attendees.
  • The provider must supply Board’s staff with the login information and provide Board access for each class. Members of the Board and Board’s staff will randomly monitor classes.
  • Provider shall verify identity of attendees before the class by a photo ID.
  • Participation requirements are to remain the same as classroom requirements in that instruction shall be for at least 50-minutes per hour.
  • Instructors shall engage the attendees and encourage interaction, questions, and discussion.
  • Attendees must have capability to hear, see, and the ability to ask and answer questions.
  • At the end of each class, attendees must complete an evaluation provided by the Board to receive credit. The provider is responsible for reporting the cumulative evaluation information to the Board.

Licensee’s and Qualified Individuals who wish to take Synchronous Virtual Learning courses can do so by searching for CE classes using the Search for CE Course link on the homepage.

To find a Synchronous Virtual Course, you must check the box for  “Class Room CE” on the search page. All Synchronous Virtual Learning classes will have the word “Synchronous” within the class title.