Temporary Board Rule: Synchronous Virtual Learning

UPDATE 02/25/2021:
At the 3rd Quarter Board Meeting held February 25, 2021, the Board voted to extend the period in which Synchronous Virtual CE classes will be allowed. All Synchronous Virtual Learning CE courses will now be available through June 30, 2022.


The Board has approved the use of online courses that will give attendees classroom CE hours! Synchronous virtual learning has been approved as “classroom continuing education” by the Board on a temporary basis for classes provided until June 30, 2021 (now June 30, 2022; amended 02/25/21). The Board made the decision based upon the regulatory flexibility provided by Session Law 2020-97.


** CE Providers who wish to provide synchronous virtual learning on this temporary basis must obtain approval by the Board’s staff before the earlier of March 31, 2021 or any decision by the Governor to rescind Executive Order 116 (Covid-19 Order).** CLICK HERE

Attendees wishing to take a Synchronous Virtual Learning course for classroom CE hours can find available classes using our “Find a CE Course” link on the homepage or by clicking here!


Click the white “Find CE Course” icon on the homepage.
Click the check box next to “Class Room CE” to find CE courses that will give you classroom CE credit hours. Do not input a zip code; inputting a zip code will show physical classroom courses. Any courses that have “Synchronous Learning” in the course title on our website are virtual courses accredited as classroom CE hours.